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Possible Ways to Improve the Administration, Management, and Organization of U.S. Presidential Elections

With the elimination of the Electoral College unlikely any time soon despite the large number of people who want to determine the U.S. president by popular vote, some suggestions can be made about possible ways to help make the Electoral College and the presidential election system work better than it has worked. The proposed changes cannot take the place of improvements by the government to address the needs of both the majority and many minority groups, but they might, at least, help to make electoral system work better than it has ever worked in the past. Often in the past, the Electoral College has not been needed to be more than a rubber stamp affirming the election outcome, but when a need for more does exist to protect the future of the republic, the Electoral College should be prepared and fully ready to fulfill it. The electors cannot be just another dysfunctional government institution asleep at the wheel when their moment of obligatory service arrives. Making sure the government and the democratic process works is a first step to making sure government policy addresses the needs of all constituencies, urban and rural, not just those with the most most money or the most votes.

More About the Obligation of the Electoral College as Voting is About to Start

The members of the Electoral College are selected by partisan vote, but their most important obligation to the nation is intended to be non-partisan. Even though they have never before been called upon to protect the future of the nation and the world as they are in 2016, they exist to exercise wise judgment on behalf of everyone when that is needed. The nation can take pride in knowing the electors have not been needed to play a critical protective role in the past, but that does not mean they should not play that role in 2016 when dangers are being faced like never before. From the start, the Electoral College was created to protect the nation from tyranny, demagoguery, foreign influence, and the votes of poorly informed or misled voters unable to fulfill their citizenship responsibility wisely. This is the job the nation needs them to take seriously, and if they do not, the decision they fail to make could have dire consequences for the nation and the world.

The Mostly Forgotten Constitutional Role of the Electoral College

An essay about the obligatory role of the Electoral College under the U.S. Constitution and its potential importance in providing long-missing leadership on food and farming policy.

Local Promotion of Transgenic Labeling

An article about the role of organic food stores in the need to improve consumer consciousness about transgenic food.